Denton County, Texas Sets the Bar for Mass Vaccination Distribution

Denton County, Texas supports a population of 1,000,000 constituents and needed a scalable plan to implement mass Covid-19 vaccinations.

Leveraging the power of VaccineFlow, built on PowerApps and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, they partnered with Mazik Global to quickly deploy a system to support this need.

The solution provided:

  • Vaccine Test Scheduling to verify eligibility and support self-scheduling services with automated reminders and status updates such as when appointment timeslots become available
  • Vaccine Administration features to accurately track and track inventory, vile temperature, and trace back which specific vile was for a specific patient’s vaccination
  • Dashboards to report number of vaccinations completed and from which manufacturer, vaccine inventory used and available vaccine inventory on hand


Vaccinations got underway at the Texas Motor Speedway and were completed at a rate of 1,000 vaccinations per hour for 10,000 per day, on the first day of offering the vaccine. Plans to scale this upward were in the works based on the number of vaccines on-hand.

Denton County’s efforts are making their constituents feel safer and is bringing them a step closer to eating in restaurants, visiting family members, going to movie theaters and in general, getting back to normal. ​

Denton County is located in Texas with a population of approx. one million people. It is the 9th most populous county in Texas.​

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