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MazikEd Overview:

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be very beneficial to your educational organization. MazikEd higher education ERP systems is one of the world’s most comprehensive higher education ERP solutions, encompassing student recruitment management, financials, constituent relationships, learning management, campus management, and many more. MazikEd utilizes Microsoft Dynamics AX and combines the power of Dynamics with traditional ERP data like financials, inventory, and human resources.

Our guiding principles when creating MazikEd higher education ERP systems were to create a system that would:

  • Improve recruitment processes
  • Empower constituents for better relationships
  • Take advantage of technology in e-Learning
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate the constraint of location by using cloud technology.

Each of these principles is a vital area for any organization in the education industry, and a quality educational ERP system can help address all of them. We understand that every educational organization has their own, unique needs. However, many of those needs fall into a few categories: efficiency, information access, and communication. Contact us today to learn more.


Every organization can benefit from increased efficiency, and a good educational ERP can help with that. With many old systems, there is a lot of labor-intensive, manual data entry and duplicated efforts. Streamlining many of your organization’s processes can help your people be more efficient and productive. If the systems for different areas of your organization aren’t integrated, a lot of time and effort are spent entering the same data into each system. Every time the data must be re-entered, it introduces the possibility of human error. With a centralized data system, there are no problems caused by illegible handwriting or transposed numbers.

Information Access

The education industry has unique needs when it comes to information access. Not only do you need to make sure that all of your staff has access to accurate information, but you also need to be able to grant access to that information quickly and easily to students and parents. A quality educational ERP makes it easy for everyone involved to be able to access consistent, integrated information. Different levels of access can be granted in order to make sure that each user sees only the information they need to see. The centralized data means that everyone with access has the most up-to-date information available.


Communication within an educational organization can get complex. However, a higher education ERP system like MazikEd can help improve your communications. With an educational ERP, the transfer of information from regional campuses or off-campus offices is just as fast and easy as it is on the main campus. You can implement better flows of communication between students, teachers, administration, and other parties.

Investing in a higher education ERP system is a big decision, and you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. MazikEd, being based on Microsoft technology, has interfaces that work like familiar programs like Microsoft Office. This means that there is a short learning curve, and you don’t have to spend a lot of extra time learning new programs. Your job is to help your students receive the best education they can. Our job is to help your organization run better so that you can focus on that very important job.

MazikEd Solution

MazikEd Features:

Recruitment Manager

Spend less time handling recruitment duties and more time connecting with potential students. Easily manage campaigns and student applications with a complete set of industry-specific tools seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Student Administration

Designed for today's Service-Oriented Institutions, MazikEd’s centralized student information database manages student success and tracks performance, retention, and student academic advisement.

Constituent Relationship Management

Connect and collaborate with all of your constituents through robust and easy-to-use web portals and mobile applications.

Financial Aid Management

MazikEd education ERP system lets you accelerate financial aid packaging and Title IV administration. Students can apply through self-service web portals. MazikEd facilitates proper document imaging for student documents and financial aid providers to track funds provided. It also easily calculates awards, schedules disbursements, and generates award letters.

Campus Management

Full-featured campus communication tools include Self-Service on Campus Resources, Integrated Housing Management for students and staff, as well as events, announcements and notice boards.

Learning Management

MazikEd’s SCORM-compliant LMS includes online coursework tools, with an integrated, automated grade book, virtual classes and training centers, shared workspaces for the group members in project development, and a faculty content bank for future tests and quizzes.

MazikEd Solution

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MazikEd Solution

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