MazikCare Material Manager

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MazikCare Material Manager Overview:

Strategic Supply Chain Management is driven by comprehensive, real-time data and analytics generated by MazikCare ERP. The integration and transparency created by an ERP not only allows healthcare organizations to better manage costs, but can also drive new operational improvements in patient care.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics AX, MazikCare Material Manager is a full-featured solution that allows tracking of inventory levels at widely distributed consumptions sites within a healthcare organization. It literally acts like a Materials Manager at a hospital who is charged with ensuring timely replenishment of inventory from internal and external warehouses like CSSD and vendors to par-locations like ER or surgical ward. The tool also allows for periodic counting and reporting of inventory at all locations complemented with actions like generating Purchase Requisitions and Transfer Orders in a seamless fashion.


MazikCare Material Manager Features:

• Materials/Inventory Management


  • Tracking and monitoring of carts, vehicles, storage rooms and on-hand product
  • Delivery in real time from anywhere
  • Expiration / Shelf Life Management


• Procurement


  • Generate Counting Journals with integrated Barcode Scanners
  • Generate Supply Requisitions
  • Strategic automation at every stage of the procurement cycle: from sourcing, to bid creation, to supply replenishment, to billing and more


• Warehouse Management


  • Generate Transfer Orders
  • Receive Orders


• PAR Level Agreement


MazikCare Material Manager Video:


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