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MazikAX Shop Floor Overview:

Developed on the Windows 8 platform, Shop Floor Control is a companion app for Microsoft Dynamics AX (Production Control module) that provides you with an in-depth view of the production jobs that need your attention today, right on the floor. The user-friendly design of the app allows for fast and efficient actions on the production tasks such as starting and stopping jobs, reporting feedback when finished, and recording breaks. The colorful GUI and intuitive interaction controls increase readability and make it easy to use while you’re on the floor or on the move.


MazikAX Shop Floor Features:

• Resource Operations

  • View all resources
  • Filter resources by production unit and/or resource group
  • Search for a resource
  • Assist a resource on a job
  • Clock-in
  • Clock-out
  • Break from work
  • View resource time spent on a specific job

• Jobs Management

     Generate Orders from Quotations
  • View all scheduled jobs for a resource
  • Search for a job
  • Apply date range on the jobs list
  • Start a job
  • Stop a job
  • Mark a job as completed
  • Register for Indirect Activities

• Reports

  • View job details
  • View total time spent on a given job or time spent by each resource
  • View item details
  • View graphical route of operations
  • View job related documents
  • View Bill of Materials

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