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MazikAX Sales Hub Overview:

Built on top of the MazikAX framework, Sales Hub is a Microsoft Dynamics AX Companion mobile app that empowers sales teams with instant access to key real-time data transactions without the hassle of keeping them on their desktop computers. Sales Hub is fully integrated with Dynamics AX and is flexible to adapt to any mobile platform. The combination of a powerful ERP and its accessibility on-the-go, makes Sales Hub a unique sales tool that is automated, mobile and collaborative.

From directors to managers to the reps in the field, Sales Hub helps everyone in the sales team to manage:

  • Quotations
  • Orders
  • Deliveries
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Analytics
  • Team
  • Marketing Toolkit
  • Workflows

    MazikAX Sales Hub Features:

    Available on iPhone, Surface and Web Browsers, MazikAX Sales Hub provides the following salient features and functionalities:

    • Sales Quotations Management

    • Create Sales Quotations
    • Workflow for reviewing and approving Quotations
    • Submit Quotations for Client Approval
    • Cancel pending Quotations

    • Orders and Deliveries Management

       Generate Orders from Quotations
    • Create New Orders
    • Repeat Old Orders
    • Track Order Status
    • Order Analytics
    • Deliver Ready Orders
    • Track Deliveries

    • Invoice and Payment Management

    • Generate Invoices from Orders
    • Create New Invoices
    • View Open, Closed, Submitted, Overdue Invoices
    • Settle Open Invoices
    • Track Invoice Status
    • Analytics for Open Invoices vs Net Income
    • Receive New Payments
    • View Transactions History
    • Track Due and Overdue Payments
    • Analytics for Sales Commissions

    • Inventory and Price Management

    • Browse through Products and their details
    • Check on-hand Inventory
    • View Best Selling Products Analytics
    • Add Products to Cart for creating an Order
    • Create Product Promotions
    • Email Product Catalogues to Customers
    • View Customer-Specific Pricing
    • Update Product Price while creating an Order
    • View Current and Target Profit Margins

    • Customers and Territories Management

    • Create New Customers
    • View Top Customers by Periods
    • View Top Performing Territories

    • Notifications and Alerts

    • Receive instant Alerts as they trigger
    • Perform desired action on Alerts
    • Receive message Notifications from Customers and Team

    • Team Management

    • Communicate with Team Members in short messages
    • Stay updated with notifications
    • Add a New Team Member
    • Review Team Sales Performance by Periods
    • Review Team Sales Commissions
    • Help Team Members with Custom Promotions
    • Setup Appointments with Team and/or Customers
    • Assign Training Courses to your Team and track readiness

    • Marketing Toolkit

    • View and Maintain
    • Product Catalogues
    • Marketing Videos
    • Promotional Brochures
    • Training Courses
      Email marketing collaterals to team and customers
      Create new brochures with custom promotions

    MazikAX Sales Hub Video:

    MazikAX Sales Hub Solution

    MazikAX Sales Hub Screenshots:

    MazikAX Sales Hub Web App

    MazikAX Sales Hub Mobile App

    MazikAX Sales Hub Solution

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