MazikAX Cashier

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MazikAX Cashier Overview:

Built for a diverse array of organizations like state and local governments, retail, manufacturers and more, MazikAX Cashier is a companion app developed on the Windows 8 platform for Microsoft Dynamics AX. MazikAX Cashier enables database consolidation, performs business logic and interacts bidirectionally with departments and payers in real time. Whether it’s a utility company, or a government collections department, payers can pay when it is convenient and complete all tasks in a single transaction. Finance can report on a transaction in the organization and IT only has to deal with one front end. This helps the payers, finance, every department in the enterprise.


MazikAX Cashier Features:

• Cashier Batch Operations

  • Create New Batch
  • Show Current Batch
  • Close Batch
  • Generate Batch Close Report
  • Show List of Active Batches
  • Set an Active Batch as Current Batch
  • Lock Batch
  • Show Last 5 Locked Batches
  • Unlock Batch
  • Show Last 5 Closed Batches
  • View Transactions of a Closed Batch
  • Generate Batch Close Report

• Transaction Management

  • Create New Invoice with Custom Fields
  • Create New Customer
  • Create Payment Journal
  • Process Payments for single customer single invoice
  • Process multiple invoice payments together
  • Process payments for multiple customers
  • Process Open Payments
  • Split Payment by different Tender Types
  • Void/Refund Transaction
  • Correct (Edit) Invoice
  • Store Check Images with Journal
  • Store Money Order Images with Journal
  • Save Receipts with multiple payments

• Search Operations

  • Search Customers by Name, Address, Account, Phone
  • Search Invoices
  • Search Transactions
  • Search Batches
  • Search Receipts by Customers
  • Search Receipts by Transactions/Invoices

• Reporting

  • Generate Payment Receipts
  • General Batch Close Reports - Summary and list of the all transactions
  • View Transaction History of a Customer
  • View Transactions By Batch
  • Tender Report - Summary report by Tender types
  • Payment Type Report - Summary report by billing classifications
  • Show Customer Alerts
  • View Pending Invoices of a Customer
  • Show Receipts by Customer
  • Show Receipts by Batch
  • Customer 360 View

• Supervisor Functions

  • View All Terminals
  • Configure a Terminal
  • View all Batches wrt Owners
  • Change Batch Owner

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