ERP for Chemical Industry


The Chemical industry needs ERP solutions to improve core business processes like receipt of an order to delivery, that's why Mazik Global uses their...

ERP for Distribution Industry


Mazik Global's customized solutions for the distribution industry helps business processes, get real-time business

ERP for Education Industry


Mazik Global has over 15 years of experience in developing, deploying and supporting education technology systems.

ERP for Health Care Industry


In order to stay competitive, healthcare organization need to embrace technology to its maximum effect.

ERP for Hospitality Industry


Delivering high-quality services may be the number one priority for hospitality providers, but reducing costs is always an imperative.

ERP for Life Science Industry

Life Sciences

Mazik Global's solutions for Life Sciences helps business increase time-to-market and boost profitability, by quickly deploying an integrated set.

ERP for Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing needs efficiency at all levels to maintain and grow profitability. Mazik Global delivers customized solutions to manufacturing.

ERP for Oil and Gas Industry

Oil And Gas

MazikGlobal is the Microsoft Partner of Choice in IT Solutions, consultation, development and deployment for both upstream and downstream

ERP for Professional Services Indusry

Professional Services

Professional services firms are challenged with selling an intangible product that is difficult to quantify and ever-changing

ERP for Retail Industry


Today's retail environment offers ever-expanding opportunity while also posing unprecedented challenges.


With our deep expertise in a multitude of different areas, Mazik Global is your
one stop shop for solutions spanning departments, verticals or even industries.

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