Publish customer among different companies

We can see multiple new features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics 2012 R3 but still it lacks few things. Our development team is working on all the gaps to provide you the best ERP solution covering all the business needs of your company.

So working on the accounts receivable module, what if we want to copy one customer to another company? What if the same customer is required to have in multiple companies? Do we need to create it manually in the other companies?

The answer to the above question is “No”. Mazik Global has developed a solution to fulfill this need by adding up an option to Publish customer to the other companies.

To do this you need to have at least one customer in your source company.

After selecting a customer in the source company’s customer listpage, you need to click “Publish customer” menu button in the New group.

Customer listpage

Clicking the Publish customer button will open up a new form having list of all the active companies.

List of companies

Select the target companies in which you want the customer to get published and click OK button.

The selected customer will get published in all the companies you have opted.

One more thing which you can do is, that you can update the customer data simultaneously in all the companies in which the customer is published.

For e.g. If you have published the customer in multiple companies and you want it to get updated in all the companies all together like updating the address, contact information or Financial dimensions.

As soon as you update the data for the customer in any company, it would present you a form with the list of companies having the same customer; from where you can select the companies where you want that data to get updated.

That’s how we can copy one customer into multiple companies. If you like to give some suggestion or feedback, kindly drop an email on

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