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MazikEd K-12

MazikEd K-12 provides the most complete solution for your school or group of schools. Super administrators, office administrators, teachers and parents see their students’ progress anytime during the school year with access to their historical data for ongoing analysis. With Mazik Ed K-12, you can easily manage various entities of your educational institute. Additionally, the flexible reporting options allow all system users to view school information in different but most useful formats.

MazikEd K-12 is the only solution with low cost but complete coverage for all your school needs including enrollment, scheduling, attendance, counseling, gradebook, academic history, class management, employee security and attendance, tuition and billing, online fee payment gateway, SMS communication, text book management, parent/student access and more!


  • A single, centralized database that eliminates redundant data entry and upload/ download process at different sites.
  • All student information is easily manageable and quickly accessible including registration, enrollment, scheduling, attendance, grade book, and more. Secured system with security options based on role with year and school access control.
  • House hold tracking for students from the same family. Unlimited creation of custom fields to customize for specific school needs.
  • Ability to allow online fee payments using payment gateway.
  • Consistent User Interface throughout the application providing consistent views for easy use of the application.


For Administrators

Administrators can have access to everything including student data, attendance, grades, discipline activities, test scores, employee information and individual teacher grade books on an inquiry basis. At-risk students with low grades or attendance can be monitored firsthand by school principals or office administrators and teachers on a daily basis. Administrators can send SMS and email messages to parents, students and teachers. Announcements can be broadcasted to dashboard, parent portal, SMS texting and email accounts.

For Teachers

Dashboard views provide teachers real-time live information about students, attendance and more. If allowed by school administration, teachers can securely access the system from their home. Teachers can create homework, assignments, projects in the grade book and also grade the students as well as add notes and comments for parents which are published on the parent portal.

For Parents and Students

Easy access a student’s schedule, attendance, grades, assignments and homework. Quickly receive notifications for child’s lower grades, absences from school, discipline referrals and fee payments. Parents can view school announcements and activity calendar online. Families can quickly and easily pay tuition and fees using the secure online fee payment gateway.

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