Customer and prospect credit approval

As we all are aware of the credit limit functionality we have in AX 2012 R2 which lets you specify the maximum amount of credit to extend to your customers. If a credit limit is specified, it is checked automatically when a user attempts to update a document. If the credit limit is exceeded, a message is displayed to the user.

Right now there is no standard workflow for customer and prospect credit approval, Mazik Global has proposed a new workflow template which will allow configuring and routing workflows for customer and prospect credit approval.

So a new workflow type Customer Credit approval workflow can be created in Sales and marketing > Setup > Sales and Marketing workflows > New. This workflow will define the rules to route customers for credit approval.


When a new customer is created the default status of the customer is set on hold for all transactions and the workflow is triggered.

Here are the following steps which takes place:

  1. The customer is created by the sales rep with basic information and submits the workflow.
  2. The workflow is then routed to the credit department who will capture the credit limit for the customer.
  3. The credit limit is entered for the customer by the credit department.
  4. The Regional manager or controller has to approve it based in the workflow settings.

Same is for the Prospect with a workflow named Prospect Credit approval workflow”. However once the Prospect is approved; it converts the prospect to customer automatically.


Whenever a user change or update the credit limit field for the customer, the workflow is triggered automatically.

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