Precision Medicine: The Need for a Mindset Change

By Sara Hou, Program Manager – Clinical Healthcare & IoT Technologies at Mazik Global The concept of precision medicine, a clinical paradigm that accounts for each person’s genetic makeup, environment, and lifestyle to diagnose and treat disease, has risen to the forefront of thought-leadership in healthcare IT, hailed as a “new power to heal[1].” A massive […]

The Post-ACA World at a Glance

The business of healthcare is unlike any other. Healthcare stands among the most highly regulated of industries, and to complicate business even further, these government and industry-mandated regulations are ever-changing. Today, healthcare organizations must possess the agility to continually transform their current practices and constantly navigate new waters. Following the Affordable Care Act (ACA), key […]

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management Jennifer Hasenyager Smith, MD, MBA What is Revenue Cycle Management? As a physician and an MBA school graduate, I was embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of the phrase. In the event that there is anyone else out there who might be quietly wondering, here is my explanation to any […]

5 Benefits of JIT Inventory in Healthcare

  5 Benefits of JIT Inventory in Healthcare Every organization must decide what type of inventory system they want to use. Most healthcare organizations have two choices: they can maintain a large, on-site inventory or they can work on a just-in-time (JIT) inventory system. In a JIT inventory system, you maintain a small inventory and […]

erp solution

CEO Viewpoint: ERP solutions for public sector – health care and education

How can you do:  “more with less”?  Let Mazik Solutions built on Microsoft Technologies help you take advantage of existing platform to build a sustainable model for innovation to support your mission critical processes and infrastructure!  Sid Siddiqui, MazikGlobal The most successful public organizations and governments are powered by passionate individuals who are fully empowered […]