Faraz Faruqui

Dynamics Ax professional having vast experience of working on different modules such as HR, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Procurement & Sourcing, Fixed assets. Currently working on the clients for North America on multiple projects.

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Publish customer among different companies

We can see multiple new features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics 2012 R3 but still it lacks few things. Our development team is working on all the gaps to provide you the best ERP solution covering all the business needs of your company. So working on the accounts receivable module, what if we want to copy […]

Customer and prospect credit approval

As we all are aware of the credit limit functionality we have in AX 2012 R2 which lets you specify the maximum amount of credit to extend to your customers. If a credit limit is specified, it is checked automatically when a user attempts to update a document. If the credit limit is exceeded, a […]

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CU7 Upgrade: Merge Code Automatically is taking too much time

Hi everyone, If you have upgraded to CU7, you will need to go to step “Merge code automatically” on Software update checklist. This feature was introduced with CU7 update and before that you had to merge all the code manually. One you start merging the code automatically, you may see that it has taken alot […]

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Resolution for error while CU7 upgrade step “Merge code automatically”

Hello everyone, So I was upgrading Dynamics AX 2012 R2 to CU7. While after successful installation of CU7, I ran the Software update checklist.. First compiled the application and then clicked on “Merge code automatically”. As soon as I click Ok on that, I got the following error. Error message: Cannot create a record in […]