Satya Nadella Keynote Speech at WPC 2015

Keynote speech of Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft at the 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, Florida. Learn about visions in cloud computing, collaborative working, productivity, security and virtual environment and new Windows products. (more…)

Become a “Business Anywhere” Business

In today’s connected world, work doesn’t happen only in the office. Being productive means having access to your data, collaborating with your team on current projects, and staying connected virtually anywhere. So how do you become a “business anywhere” business? With the Microsoft Cloud. The Microsoft Cloud provides a connected platform built for your business. […]

Create an On Time, Everything’s Where It Needs to Be Supply Chain

Keeping tabs on the incoming and outgoing inventory in a busy warehouse is no easy task, especially if you rely on manual procedures or basic accounting software. As your small or midsized business continues to grow, managing an expanding inventory, global suppliers, and increasing customer demands takes the right people and the right systems. Working […]

7 Strategic Ways to Grow Your Business beyond Accounting Software

You’ve built your business using your existing accounting software; however, as your business grows, you’ve likely reached a tipping point where the very tools that supported your business are now hindering your ability to act with agility and insight. Whether its missing functionality, has user or database limitations, or is simply unable to keep a […]

Microsoft announces new solutions to empower IT professionals

At the recent Ignite Conference, Microsoft Corp. announced a range of new products and services that help IT professionals lead their companies in the new era of enterprise computing, including the next generation of Windows management, Microsoft Office, hybrid cloud infrastructure and SQL Server. “No business can succeed and scale without IT innovating and transforming,” […]