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How Trial balance works in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012?

What is Trial Balance? The list of ledger accounts and their balances at a given time. Typically generated at the end of an accounting period. Debits must equal credits. Does not prove that all transactions have been recorded or that the general ledger is correct. Trial balance list page screenshot of Dynamics AX Go to […]

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How to create Request for quotation from Purchase Requisition in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012?

  In this post, i am going to describe how to create Request for quotation from Purchase Requisition I am using COM data set here. Go to Procurement and Sourcing > Common > Purchase Requisitions > All purchase requisitions Click New > Purchase requisition button on action pane Set Name = Test PR Click OK […]

AX 2012 Hide Modules

Hide Modules for a role in AX 2012

Hide Modules For a Role While working on AX 2012 customization, there was an interesting requirement from our client to hide modules from the navigation pane. For a particular role the client wanted only two Modules to be displayed. Since I wasn’t sure how to achieve this functionality so obviously first thing first, I googled […]

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Fixed Assets Inter-Company Transfers

Microsoft Dynamics 2012 R3 surely has come up with new and exciting features to satisfy modern ERP needs. Still there are some gaps that can be filled, our point of focus however in this post is limited to Fixed Assets Transfers, and in R3 we have a support of transferring multiple fixed Assets along with […]